Marcin Dziubak

Marcin Dziubak


This website is devoted to my creativness - from it you can get to know my history and see projects on which I am working currently. I can proudly say that everything I have done since junior high school pushed me to the direction which I am heading now.

My current projects

Graphic Design

I encountered with graphic design when I started working on DTP composition of my
magazine six years ago. Since then I steadily develop myself. I want to make projects that let me show my ctrativity ans passion. I like to set the bar high and taking challanging tasks. I am always fully involved in the project which I am creating. I learn quickly and I can deal with atypical problems.


Love Is The Message

That is the name of my blog, which I have created recently. I desire to visit new places in the world and show it from many different perspective. Conversation with the natives using only gestures is unforgettable feeling. Sometimes just one smile mixed with honest intensions could be worth more than thousands of words. At first glance the world is filled with hundreds of differences between us, but it the end we are all equals and the only one thing that matters is what we have in our hearts.

Traveling YouTube channel

It is integral part of my travellinig blog. I will be publishing here videos from my travels, in which I will try to show the world in the way I see it. In the art of creating videos I am on the beggining of my adventure, but it is something which gives me pleasure, so I want to keep doing it.

It is a blog devoted to voice assistant. Currently it is focused on Google Assistant, because it is the only officialy available voice assistant with polish language. It is essential branch of technology so people will need to know more and more about it, so that is why I have created this blog. To deliver all the information about voice assistants in one place and gather fans of technology news. This website is available only in Polish.


Instagram is the thing which allowes me to keep my memories from places in which I have been to. I am posting there photographs from sessions in which I play with the lighting, perspective, sharpness ect…

My path

I do not know this. I know, however, that what I wrote below is just the first chapter of my story that I am just creating…

What I already know is for sure to focus on current projects. Blog, travel blog, learning to assemble films and starting with a travel channel, linked to the blog and further developing in computer graphics. And these are the issues I intend to pursue in 2019, in the meantime planning my next trips.

At the beginning of 2019, two important events took place. The premiere of the first voice assistant in Poland and my trip to Thailand. The first, smaller event inspired me to create another blog dedicated to voice assistants. Finally, the premiere of Google Assistant is also the debut of this type of service in our country. I believe that this will be an important branch of technology, so people will need more and more information on this subject. Blog is designed to help them find it. It collects the most important information in one place and focus fans of this type of technological innovation. The project is under development.

Thailand, in turn, was a much more important event for me. Thanks to this trip I realized how beautiful the world is. People have created many barriers with each other, through which we seem so strangers to each other. And inside we are identical. It is amazing that in Thailand you can pay for some things even with a smile. We all live on one planet and it is sad that more often we can not take care of it. That’s why on my travel blog I want to show the world through the eyes that I see it, destroy artificial barriers, without which we can live much better.

I continued my adventure with graphics, I created a portfolio, a nice CV and applied for the position of graphic designer in the marketing department in the warehouse. I was accepted right away. I was responsible for the entire visual identity of the company. From the tiniest of business cards, through advertisements in magazines, to car veneers and even coding of mailings.

Work in the company and regular stable earnings allowed me to focus on my own development, and this what I want to do next.

Can I be better? I know that there will always be something that can be improved, done better. I would never want to stand still, I want to continue to develop. Such a small philosophy has guided me for a long time. That’s when the idea came out to transform small (at the peak of Fundroid popularity as the journal read 14,000 people, and the last number was displayed over 50,000 times) online magazine into the site with the latest information from the world of games, mobile equipment and technology.

We were doing quite well, the site had several million views, the most popular articles for half a million. Our new venture, however, suffered from quite an acute ailment. Especially when we gained more and more popularity. I am talking here about the domain of our website, whose name was “”. It was too much associated with what we did before. Of course, I did not want to cut myself off this, but it was confusing to new readers.

Domains with the name “fundroid” were already occupied. Anyway, it still had the “droid” word in it, and so the element was still associated with Android. For further development, something new was needed. And so by the end of 2016, we finished with Fundroid eventually. And so, on 16 April 2017, GameFruit, a blog about games, technology and pop culture, was launched. We started with a clean card, wanting to repeat the Fundroid’s success. The assumption was slightly different, because it was supposed to be a blog where everyone can express their opinion. We’ve touched topics in the fields of movies, series, games, books, industry events or widely understood pop culture.

GameFruit worked under my leadership until the end of 2017. Then I handed the project over to one of the editors whom I trusted. Until then, I was both a publisher, DTP operator, editor in chief in all my projects. This time I had the impression that it is not the same anymore, I did not want to do something that I do not enjoy anymore. I missed the times when I graphically composed Fundroid, I felt that computer graphics is what I want to do next.

From the beginning of 2013, I was wondering how I could create something like CD-Action on my own. Is it possible at all?

It coincided with the fact that I got my first tablet. Very popular at that time. I downloaded games for it all night. Over the following weeks, then months, I explored the secrets that this mobile equipment and the whole system had hidden from me. I noticed that people spend more and more time with a tablet or a phone in their hands. Here I saw my chance. Despite the growing popularity of these devices, there was no magazine devoted to mobile games and devices. I could write reviews in it, as I dreamed about working in CD-Action, and at the same time it would not be a complete copy of the magazine, because it would target a niche that was underestimated by CDA.

When I finished the first issue of Fundroid (that is how I called the magazine), I liked the effect. Without having any knowledge about how to prepare such a magazine I made everything using Word. My childhood friend, Filip, who also wrote several reviews to the number, supported me in the whole project. I do not know if I would dare to do this without him.

The issue I published on the Internet in the form of a PDF so that anyone could download
it. Until then, I was waiting impatiently to show it to others and hear: “wow, you did it nice, it was nice to read.” However, I heard something else. “It’s terrible”, “Get better for learning kid”, “It looks hopeless”. I was 16 at the time. At this point, I realized that if I want to achieve something, I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Since then, I’ve been trying to do it better and better. I’ve searched the whole Internet for how I can improve it. I got to the information from which I learned that the largest magazines are created with the use of Adobe InDesign. I immediately downloaded the trial version and started to create the first shapes in it. The third Fundroid number was already in InDesign. It still looked very amateurish, but the qualitative leap for the group of fans of the magazine was large. That’s when I first encountered computer graphics.

I learned the secrets of graphic programs to make my numbers more and more professional. At that time I was inspired by the graphic design of CD-Action, initially trying to reproduce it, later – creating it according to my own idea. I had to be more than the editor-in-chief to let everything could work. I wrote reviews of games and equipment, I took part in industry events and I reported them, I carried out the DTP by myself, I was responsible for all industry and technical-IT contacts related to the functioning of the magazine on the Internet.

Over the years Fundroid has gained recognition among fans all over Poland. On April 11, 2014, Fundroid was honored in the “Electrifying Passion” competition, and two years later (on April 15, 2016) he took the first place in the ninth edition of this competition as the most electrifying passion in all of Poland!

HERE you can watch the competition film that gave us the winnings.

The seventh Fundroid number (January 2016), released just before the competition, was his last release in this form. Works on the eighth edition have been started, but together with the editorial staff we have decided that we are ready for something more.

Winning in the competition gave us a huge kick. For me it was a sign that I follow a good path, that what I do is appreciated on a national scale. I wanted to find a way to reach a larger audience. And this is how the idea came to translate all of the articles into a website and publish them as ordinary posts. Continued in the card above.

In the picture below you can see the development of the magazine based on how the covers looked from the first number to the seventh (last). The archive of all Fundroid numbers in PDF format is available HERE.

Okładki czasopisma Fundroid

I decided to show my skills (not only in writing reviews) to a wider audience. I thought about the school newspaper. Here the first unexpected disappointment met me, because it turned out that the teacher supervising the newspaper is the lady who creates it only with the “chosen ones”. She had her favorite students and she didn’t want to take anyone from outside the group to the newspaper, she didn’t even give me a chance to show my skills. She only said that “the newspaper has no place for new people”. I couldn’t find there a place to dream come true.

It was the first impulse that made me create my own place, where I could easily write. I created a small newspaper for the server members in the game that I played at that time. Over time, I think it looked  v qAtragic (JUST LIKE THAT), but then it met with great recognition, because nobody had done something like this before. However, in the group of several-year-old players I could not fulfill myself as I dreamed. I needed something more, so I quickly finished my local projects with a dozen or so issues on my account and several interviews (including ski jumper, editor and CD-Action cartoonist), which I could be very proud of.

I have started to think about my future quite early (comparing to others in my age). At the very beginning I didn’t know in which direction I want to go. I have tried dance, photography, film montage, creating amateur videos on YouTube, informatics… I liked a lot activites which stimulated my creativity. I was intrigued by thing such as traffic and its management. Doing all of it I have tried to find myself. Everything I have tried had some influence on me. I was not a good dancer, maybe because of lame instructors, maybe because of lack of personal predispositions.

With photographing, informatics and film montaging I was more successful. Since a child I realy enjoyed reading a game magazine from Wroclaw – CD Action. Many fans of it dream about working there some day. To be honest – what is better than playing video games and earning money by doing it? But I desired it much more than the others. Unfortunately, as 15-years old boy I did not have such possibilities. I really wanted to do this, so I was writing game reviews without publishing it and learning from the best.

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